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Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
11:29 am - Her Text
I dont want to do it over text. But its the only way ill get it done, Im not happy. :/ I feel like all we do is talk about and have sex. Its not what I want. But its all I seem to want around you. And I feel like im not being faithful to you. Im a horrible girlfriend and youll find someone better than me. im really sorry cody.I am. Ill always be there for you. ust know that. Maybe not now and I understand. But hopefully later we can be friends. <3 again, im sorry.

Thats not all we did. Ive spent more money taking her out to dinner and movies and bowling and arcades and buying her gifts than all my other girlfriends combined.

Meh. D:

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11:23 am

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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
10:01 am
Yesterday was really cool.

So I woke up.
Girlfriend got naked on webcam for no reason.
Bug got new shocks, adjusted brakes, and I found the dimmer switch.
Heather visited me at work.
PSG visited me at work.
Got lunch with girlfriend on lunch break.
Left my department looking amazing.
Went to girlfriends house.

Also, I had this awesome dream where the bakery manager had a pit of dead children in his bedroom. And then the book keepers daughter got naked.

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Friday, April 24th, 2009
12:12 am - Pictures

She was reading me a bedtime story in the first one. The second one was a spur of the moment after breakfast.

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Thursday, April 23rd, 2009
10:23 pm - Diviners sage and sex.
Oh man, so major update.

Ive hung out with my girlfriend everyday. Every single day. Turns out she is an adorable little nymphomaniac. I havent had sex this much in two years. Even then, it wasnt 4 times a day every day. Despite the sex, I do really like this girl. Shes visited me at work a few times and all my coworkers say shes adorable. Ive taken her out to eat several times and to the movies once and I bought her an insectosauras doll. We usually cuddle up and watch movies and stuff like that.

So yesterday, I had to escort her to the Center of Adolescent Psychiatric Something. That was sad, but it wasnt a big deal for her because shes been there a few times already and this time it was voluntary instead of arriving in an ambulance.

And tonight I got off of work and had my friend Arthur show up. I decided it would be a good idea to try salvia so we went to some elementary school and tried it there, he had done it before and ive never done anything before. It would have been cooler if I wasnt inexperienced at smoking. I didnt get hallucinations either. I was sitting against the wall and felt like there was a force pulling me to the right so I kept falling sideways. I told him I was going to get up so i did and tried to walk forward but kept getting pulled to the right. I couldnt even walk normally, my legs were jello-y and I fell on the ground. I got up again and circled the grass with him. He said there was a wall there and then I started laughing harder than ive ever laughed. I did that a couple more times and then we took a lap around the park to get back to normal.

That is the only drug id ever consider trying. Its legal, nonaddictive, and safe. Plus its supposed to put you in a different world. I probably wont even do it again because I cant smoke it anyways.

After that, I bought wendys and condoms. Both for only me by the way.

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Monday, April 6th, 2009
8:51 pm - Cell phone pictures.

That is a kiddie playhouse. Shes so cute and small. I think everybody should have their own 4'10" girl.

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Sunday, April 5th, 2009
8:52 pm - angie
Ive spent every night with Angie this week. The day after the backdoor running, I went over to her house with her moms permission this time. Watched a movie and talked about sexual experiences and whatnot. She also told me all about her trip in the hospital and how she hallucinated things. At some point in the night, I finally asked her out.

Around midnight, her mom had to kick me out because everyone was going to bed. I picked up Angie because she had no shoes on and carried her to my bug. I opened the door, put her inside, drove up to the house, got out, picked her up again and carried her all the way to her bed to tuck her in.

The next day (last night) we hung out again and watched fresh prince of bel air for awhile while we laid in bed. We actually fell asleep in eachothers arms and I woke up at 3:30 am to leave. It was cute that she didnt want me to og.

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Friday, April 3rd, 2009
11:55 pm

Hung out with her again.cuddled and talked alot and watched a movie.

current mood: accomplished

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Thursday, April 2nd, 2009
10:53 pm - Back door man.
To elaborate on last post. I hung out with her the night before. I only planned on being there for an hour or so. Around ten she asks me if ive ever seen Hancock. I said no and she freaks out. So we put that on and just cuddle up on her bed. It was pretty nice, kissing and holding and hugging and whatnot.

I went back today and it was completely different. She was the only one home and wearing nightmare before christmas pajamas. I go in to her room and we start kissing a little and she puts on music. One thing led to another and about 45 minutes later, her brother comes home and walks in. First time thats ever happened to me. Hahaha. Hes a pretty cool guy and gave me donuts. And we heard the parents pulled up and apparently I wasnt invited that night, so they led me to the side gate and unlocked the combo lock on the gate and told me to run.

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9:38 pm
that girl got out of the hospital.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. :)

current mood: satisfied

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Tuesday, March 24th, 2009
12:15 am
Over all, I must say it hasnt been the greatest week ever had.

First, the girl that attempted suicide.
My car blew out a tire.
I ordered something online and got the wrong one in the mail.
Didnt even get the mail because the mailman is afraid of max for some reason.
Work has been extra busy this weekend.
Computer wont stop dying. First if was faulty RAM, now its because vista and drivers are like a child reading a massive novel, i.e. it cant.
Ulcer is coming back on.

But ah well. it happens.

I hung out at gilespie field with jaz and her boyfriend and just kind of hung out for a few hours watching planes land and talking and all that. Also went to wendys to get frosties!

I need to find stuff to do during the day so I can finally put something in here thats uplifting. So basically ill have an entry like that tomorrow, if the computer permits it.

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Monday, March 23rd, 2009
12:08 am - title
So my computer died a few days ago so I couldnt really update some important things.

So I took that 16 year old out to ice cream. Her names angie by the way. Talked to her every day since I met her. So anyways, we hung out at an ice cream shop for 5 hours getting to know eachother more and whatnot. It was pretty cool actually. On the way home, she did something no one else has ever done. She bumped my car while we were parked at a redlight. It was the weirdest feeling, I didnt know what it was until she texted me later and laughed,

About two days after that, she tried to commit suicide. The worst part is I didnt know if she succeeded or not until around 6:30 pm today.

So between those few days of not knowing, I had to keep myself preoccupied with other things instead of worrying. So I hung out with heather bellows at starbucks for awhile, she makes me feel like im am a damn stand up comic when im around her. Which I am when she is my audience. Yesterday night, I hung out with katie for the first time in 9 months. It wasnt awkward really. The way the break up ended, I didnt think she would ever talk to me again. The night was like it used to be, minus the sex part.

And for the last few days, ive been feeling sick. I think my stomach ulcer came back. Tons of fun that is, right?

current mood: bored

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Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
7:58 pm
I hung out with the 16 year old today, angie. We got ice cream and talked for a good 5 hours about everything. The whole "getting to know you" part of strangers.

current mood: cheerful

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Monday, March 16th, 2009
11:06 pm
I actually hung out with that latest 16 year old today.

I really wish something my age would come along. I guess I just have to make due with what ive got.

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Sunday, March 15th, 2009
10:52 pm

Took this during my lunch from my cell phone. Its beautiful, in my opinion anyways.

Also, bad news, I just attracted a 6th 16 year old to me. D: Its like a damn super power. FUCK.

16 year olds = 6
Any other age = 0

I wouldnt have this problem if I was 6 inches taller.

current mood: gloomy

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9:32 pm
So today some older man almost died in food for less! He went into the produce section and just collapsed face first on the ground! Paramedics and firefighters came and lifted him away.

Apparently he had been in the hospital the day before for internal bleeding and was OKed by the doctors to leave.

But enough about interesting things. More about me.
Yesterday, heather bellows and rhianna came into work and hung out with more for awhile. That made my day. I love having friends come over to visit while I do work. It takes my mind off of things.

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Monday, March 9th, 2009
12:10 am
Damn! On my day off boss calls me. Says, "hey cody, come to work at 130am to help out night crew." Ive never doen night crew before, and ive blatantly told him i never wanted to. But apparently someone broke their hand and cant do it. So ive decided that since my shift is so close to my bed time, I would skip sleep. So I went to work and downed a redbull, which I havent had in two weeks. I feel like an addict that went into relapse. SO right now im extremely jittery! So much that while I write this, I sound everything out it exclamations! But anyways, when I was driving to and from the redbulls, I put on one of those peruvian hats and sped around. I took random streets and 60 for fun. Ones ive never been on. Night is a good time to explore things, not so many red lights. or people.

This shift is seriously going to suck. Im going to be so irritable after it. Man, I should dry my clothes!

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Thursday, February 26th, 2009
9:34 pm
On a lighter, less awesome note. I got kidnapped this morning and taken to breakfast at nine with jaz and my child. Then I went to work and did awhole lot of nothing there. I sat around and talked to arthur and jessica in the back. Arthur was talking about a sexual thing called earning your "red wings". That lead me to invite brown wings. In case you are wondering, I havent earn that one. I expect a giant "achievement unlocked" when I do. Then a whole lot more nothing and then I got home.

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8:49 pm - :D
Someone found a dead body behind my grocery store! :D :D :D

current mood: excited

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Saturday, February 21st, 2009
7:41 pm - Long day.
So my coworker called me in at 9 today. I had a 9-7 shift. Long day! Well anyways, There were actually a few good moments in it.

MOMENT 1. In the back room, there are lots of pallets of water just sitting around. Being in produce, we sometimes have empty cardboard bins that we put back there for disposal. So I set one on top of a pallet and, using my monkey like abilities, climbed in. I had a UC try to go lure someone in for me. As she was doing that, the night manager walked in. I decided it was as good a person as any to scare as I had gotten her yesterday. I jumped out and screamed as loud as I could and scared the hell out of her! It was great.

MOMENT 2. I was bored so I went to the meat department to hang out with Ponch. I talked to him for awhile until I saw the evening manager, a different one than the one I scared. He rounded the corner and didnt see me, so I hit the deck and hid behind a tank in the middle and circled it as he walked around. I felt like james bond or something.

MOMENT 3. After I hit the deck and got back up, there was a girl watching me. She was cute and I nicknamed her pear shaped girl. So I talked to her for awhile and got her number. I dont plan on calling her back though because after I got the number, I figured out she was 15. She looked as old as I was. So got to avoid that.

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